Carbon Twister

Carbon Twister is the engineering division of Prodana GmbH headquartered in Neumarkt i.d.Opf.
This is where our products are developed by our team of engineers.

Prodana GmbH was originally founded as a trading company. This division is still active today and deals with the production and distribution of biodegradable disposable tableware. This also gave the original impulse behind the development of pyrolysis furnaces. Indeed, customers inquired about concepts and technical solutions for how organic residues could be utilised sensibly. In response, the two mechanical engineers Sebastian Ebert and Kemal Lepenica launched the development of pyrolysis furnaces in 2017.

Sites and pyrolysis plants

DobbrikowPyrolyseanlage TauchePyrolyseanlage Münster Endmontage Elektrik und Sales Neumarkt (Opf.)Firmensitz RuhstorfPyrolyseanlage WienSales MattersburgPyrolyseanlage

Our headquarters are located in Neumarkt in the Upper Palatinate. We manage our sales activities from Münster in Westphalia and from Vienna. The final assembly of the electrical plant components also takes place in Münster.

The company was originally founded as a sole proprietorship and then transformed into a GmbH (limited liability company) in 2016. It employs a total of 12 people and is mainly active in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Our mission

Since its foundation, our company has dealt exclusively with environmentally friendly, sustainable products. At first only in the trade sector, then later in the production sector with the development of pyrolysis furnaces.

Our aim is to do our part to improve the environmental and climate situation so that future generations will also have a chance to live in a humane and carefree way.

Part of our mission in achieving this goal is to make the benefits of biochar better known and, above all, usable by providing a solution for producing biochar independently with our pyrolysis technology.

Our vision

Our vision is that by 2030 at least 20% of all agricultural and forestry enterprises and 30% of composting plants and municipalities use pyrolysis technology to produce biochar. In the industrial sector, we would like this share to be at least 10% by 2030.

In this way, the incredibly high CO2 storage potential of biochar will make a significant contribution to saving our climate.

Our contribution to the SDGs