Promoting animal health with biochar

For several years now, a number of farms have been adding biochar to animal feed on a trial basis.

Biochar can adsorb pollutants and toxins and thus render them largely harmless. The older generation no doubt remembers the charcoal tablets found in pharmacies, which are still used today to treat symptoms of poisoning. In principle, charcoal tablets are biochar produced by pyrolysis from coconut shells.

Doing away with antibiotics

Farmers who add biochar to feed can now partially or completely dispense with the administration of antibiotics. Biochar replaces these drugs in a natural way.

Reduction of diarrhoeal diseases

Another positive aspect that has been observed when adding biochar to the feed is the reduction in the number of diarrhoeal diseases, in some cases quite significantly.

Cascade use

When biochar is added to feed, the so-called cascade use is a valuable multiplier effect: primarily, it promotes animal health. Secondarily, the biochar ends up naturally in the manure and can then be spread on the fields. This means that it has a double benefit.